Four main roads of Thu Thiem


  • The total length is 11.9 km.
+ Crescent Boulevard R1(3.4 km)
+ Central Lake Drive R2 (3 km)
+ Waterfront Park Drive Commercial R3 (3km)
+ Crescent - Delta Boulevard R4 (2.5 km)

  • Including 8 bridges and 2 viaducts.

  • Applying advanced technology using Deep Soil Mixing Column (DSMC) and Prefabricated Vertical Drains with Vacuum Method (PVDV) in the treatment of soft land.

  • Elevation of 3.4 m - 3.8 m above sea level to ensure flood protection for the next 100 years.

Four main roads are designed to meet the traffic requirements for a modern and international-level city. The technical infrastructure is synchronized and built underground, while technical and aesthetics factors are balanced to create harmony for the construction works. 
The four main roads of Thu Thiem constitute the traffic axis connecting all the functional areas of Thu Thiem New Urban with regional traffic system. Along with Saigon River tunnel and bridges, the four main roads form a complete transport system, connecting the East with the existing city center, creating a prerequisite for attracting investment, contributing to the socio-economic development of Thu Thiem and HCMC.