Project progress

Construction progress of BT projects in Thu Thiem new urban area as of May 03, 2018

At present, BT projects in Thu Thiem New Urban Area meet the committed schedule. The unoccupied section of the 4 main roads has been completed in February 2017 in line with the BT contract and put into operation at locations connecting to the existing roads. Regarding the occupied section, Dai Quang Minh  waits or the city’s land handover for early completion and operation of the entire project.

In Thu Thiem 2 Bridge project, the Approach District 2 and District 1, S2 main Tower (in the middle of Saigon River) are implemented. Meanwhile, the ground clearance is awaited.
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Construction Progress of BT Projects to Dec 20, 2017

On the 2018 threshold, the BT projects on Thu Thiem New Urban Area still maintain their planned schedule. The 4 main roads’ unoccupied land have been completed and put into operation, including: section from the Embankment R2 - Nguyen Co Thach Street, section from Mai Chi Tho Boulevard to C4 intersection on R2, section from Saigon River Tunnel Park to C4 intersection on R3, and the entire R4. The remaining section stretches from Nguyen Co Thach Street to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard on R2 is scheduled to be put into use before the 2018 New Year.
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Construction Progress of BT Project as of May 20, 2017

In 23rd April, 2017, a section of R2 route- from R2 Embankment to Nguyen Co Thach Street- was put into use by the Department of Transportation. Regarding the upcoming opening routes, Dai Quang Minh has finished constructing several bridges, including Bridge No.10, Bridge No.15, viaduct No.1, viaduct No.2, R2 Embankment; along with the section of R2 road that extends from Nguyễn Cơ Thạch Street to C4 Intersection; the section of R3 road that extends from Mai Chi Tho Street to C4 Intersection; and the section of R4 road that extends from C4 Intersection to Mai Chi Tho Street.
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Construction Progress of BT Project as of Mar 31, 2017

At the present, 4 main roads in Thu Thiem are entering its finishing stage and getting ready for the handover at the sections that have been fully acquired. Tree planting and traffic organization are carried out throughout the entire project. Below are the photos of Road R1 - Crescent Boulevard, Road R2 - Central Lake Drive, Road R3 - Saigon Riverside Road, and Road R4 - Delta Overpass.

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Construction Progress of BT Project as of Jan 25, 2017

As Tet holiday is coming close, the construction progress at the sites of the 4 main roads is speeding up in order to meet the schedule and the quality targets. A lot of Stretches of Road are being completed with alsphalt concrete, tree planting and lighting installation. Below are photos of the construction sites on Road R1- Crescent Boulevard, Road R2- Central Lake Drive, Road R3- Saigon Riverside Road, and Road R4- Crescent-Delta Boulevard.
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