Central Square and Riverside Park


  • Central Square - Thu Thiem
+ Area: 20.72 ha.
+ Connecting with the existing Central Business Districts via Saigon River Pedestrian Bridge, of which one end is at Me Linh Square, District 1.
+ The square is planned to be the largest public space in Vietnam and the highlight of Thu Thiem New Urban Area.
+ Central Square will be the place to organize cultural, political, and entertainment events for residents in Ho Chi Minh city.

  • Riverside Park - Thu Thiem
+ Area: 7.26 ha.
+ This public work stretches along 2km of Saigon River’s East Bank, from the International Exhibition Center in the North to the Sports and Recreation Zone in the South.
+ The riverside park has been developed into a unique ecological center with features of Southern culture . This will be a multi-functional public space with landscaped gardens, orchards, sports fields, kiosks ... for recreational activities of residents.